Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Introduction to Blogging

Hi everybody! Although I have worked with computers for over 40 years, including email starting in 1980, this is my first blog entry ever.

I am currently a public middle school computer teacher, which is very different from anything I ever did before. I spent 30 years working in the technology industry, plus I've done several other things. I say that teaching is my 4th career, since I've done so many things. What amazes me is that, even after so many years working in several different careers, I found teaching to be the toughest job!

Stay tuned as I learn all about the wonderful world of blogging.



Janice Stearns said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm sure you will find that writing posts and commenting on the learning of others is a great tool for learning about the exciting new trends in educational technology.

Alfred Thompson said...

Welcome to both blogging and teaching. You'll find both of them interesting. Middle school is a great age. Well maybe interesting is a better word. :-) My wife loves teaching middle school but I admit that it wasn't my favorite when I was teaching. I did best in high school. My son on the other hand seems to be doing great teaching elementary school.

Christopher said...

Congratulations to your first blog. I certainly agree with you. After having 4 careers, you find that teaching is the hardest job. I switched many careers too. I still find teaching is challenging every day and in every semester!

Ms. Stern - Room 49 said...

Thanks for all your comments. It's been so busy lately I haven't had time until today to check and see them.

This is my 5th year teaching, so the teaching part has gotten pretty easy. I am also department chair, the webmaster for our school, chairperson of our school's Safe and Civil school committee, on both the school site council and the shared decision making committees, and involved in several other things. Maybe someday I'll learn to slow down, but I've always been this way. Oh, yes, I also am doing a couple of volunteer things and I belong to a gym and I'm working out with a personal trainer and I'm taking a very intense online class through our district. And I'm married with a grown child, two step children and 2 grandchildren. Needless to say, my life is very full. And I even find time to relax - it's a priority for me!!

The discipline part of teaching is much easier than it was in the beginning, and continues to be the most challenging part since we have such an "interesting" student population. Fortunately, the administration in my school is very supportive of efforts to improve the whole school environment.

I actually chose middle school, because I really enjoy that age and I've always been able to relate to them. I've never been sorry that I chose this age, so it's obviously the right decision for me. And I totally understand that it's not the right decision for everyone.