Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yeah Red Sox and Patriots!!!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am an insane Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan!!! Of course, "insane" is an unneeded adjective when used to describe a Red Sox fan, because we are all insane!!

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Ms. Stern - Room 49 said...

I really like the way this round of the playoffs is going, especially how last night's Red Sox game ended. And I'm pretty happy that the Yankees are down 0-2. Hopefully it will all be over for this round for the Sox tomorrow.

And I'd sure like to see the Patriots stay undefeated. They have sure started off amazingly this year.

In case anyone thinks I'm not interested in basketball, I graduated from UConn, the only school that has won both the men's and women's NCAA championship in the same year. Good thing I prefer college to pro basketball, since things have been pretty rough for the Celtics for awhile. Hopefully this year will see a change, now that they have Kevin Garnett.