Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our assignment this week in my ReadWriteWeb class was to learn about podcasting and streaming video. I was overwhelmed by all the resources out there for us, and wished I had time to listen to and view more of them. I did listen to the Audio Learning Revolution podcast on LearnOutLoud.

One of the things that really jumped out at my while listening was their observation that most of the educators contributing to the podcast revolution are out of the classroom. This made total sense to me, since those of us still in the classroom are always so busy. That's probably the thing I like the least about teaching - there's just never enough time, and too many things to try to get done in too short a time. And I'm very quick worker, so it must be really tough for people who aren't.

I also liked what they said about how to best describe the time shifting aspect of podcasting: that you can get what you want, when you want it, and where you want it. That really works well for people who like to work at odd hours. It's also works well for working with people in other time zones. Many years ago, when I worked in the international headquarters at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) I found it a real challenge to do work with the people in Australia and Asia. Fortunately, we got email in 1980, which helped. All the technology we have available today must make it SO much easier.


Mr. Wright said...

Hey Evie,

Your comment went through, I just have it set so that I have to view the comment and approve it first. It's probably not necessary for this class, but I figured I would get in the habit since I would be using this feature for a class blog.

Yeah, I was an English major, so I loved all the classic literature available on Learn Out Loud.


Ms. Stern - Room 49 said...


I realized that afterwards, but I had already reposted my entry.